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Facial treatments in Hadleigh, Essex
At Beauty Plus, Deborah firmly believes in natural beauty and using make-up to enhance your natural features. She believes facials are a great place to start when revitalising the skin's texture and removing impurities from the pores.Deborah's aim is to teach her clients about the advantages and techniques of applying facials. She offers an on-going service whereby she keeps in contact with clients in between treatments if they need any advice.

Dermalogica skin care range
Deborah has a wealth of experience working with the Dermalogica range of facial products. She has been a registered stockist of Dermalogica since 1993 and uses these products for every facial she performs.

Supply teaching
Deborah is qualified as a supply teacher of beauty therapy. She is regularly invited into schools and colleges to offer her beauty expertise to aspiring beauticians and those interested in specific areas of the beauty sector.

Facial teaching
Deborah runs facial skin care courses for all age groups, both male and female. Whether you're an aspiring beautician or a full time beauty therapist, Deborah has the expertise to benefit all. When it comes to a clear skin complexion, a healthy, nutritional diet is vital.

Deborah is fully qualified in fitness and nutrition as well as being a qualified life coach, therefore she refers to this in her courses and offers advice on potential nutritional solutions.

Deborah can also offer relaxation and calming techniques to students in the middle of stressful exam periods.

For further information about the facial treatments offered at Beauty Plus, call Deborah today on 01702 551 439